Preschool is for three- and young four-year old children.

Pre-kindergarten is for four· and young five-year old


Our preschool program concentrates on developing and building large and small motor movements. We provide a wide variety of social, emotional, and physical skills while preparing young students academically. Each activity done in class helps fulfill these areas of focus. Our curriculum is thematic and developmental; early skills that are taught help children learn more complex skills integrating reading, writing , math , science, art, Spanish and music. We use the same handwriting program that is presented in grades K-3. This enables children to have consistency as they learn to write. Our school day is highly structured. Approximately two thirds of our time is spent participating in planned activities; free choice (unstructured) time is limited. Our preschool is placed in a school setting; this helps children adapt to school. We consider the program to be “pre – school, not play–school”. Our goal is to provide a “hands on” learning environment that allows all children to succeed.


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